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Helping kids through a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2017 | Child Custody

As difficult as going through a divorce is for an adult, children who have parents who divorce also suffer greatly. However, the way that parents act during a divorce and after a marriage has ended can help to reduce the negative effects on children. Some of the ways to make things easier for kids in Virginia include setting up a temporary custody and visitation plan, making kids feel safe and considering a mediated divorce.

Although issues related to child custody and visitation will normally be finalized during a divorce, it may be a while before these issues are decided. To help reduce potential friction between a divorcing couple and to add stability for children, couples should agree to a visitation plan and decide who will have custody until the divorce is finalized.

It’s also important that kids receive the support they need and that they feel loved. Many children will blame themselves for their parents splitting up, and kids may also wonder about their future or if their parents really love them. Therefore, it’s essential that parents work together to show kids that they are still a family and that their decision had nothing to do with them. In some cases, counseling or therapy may be helpful.

People going through a divorce with children may also want to consider a mediated divorce. A mediated divorce will allow a couple to determine issues like child custody and support without having a judge making a choice for them. Not only can mediated divorces be less expensive than litigated ones, but they are also often less contentious. A lawyer could explain the differences between the two types of divorce and represent someone in either case.