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The best time to file for divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2016 | Divorce

Family law attorneys in Virginia and around the country often notice a pattern in divorce filings. Studies have shown that most people file for divorce in August and March, months that follow traditional family holiday periods. Some people believe that is triggered by unsuccessful attempts at reconciliation during summer vacation and Valentine’s Day. January, a month that follows winter holidays and begins the new year, is also a popular month for divorce filings.

Filing for divorce after a disappointing holiday may not be the best decision for everyone. Even when people feel strongly that they want to end their marriage, it is important that they financially prepared for what comes next. Before filing divorce paperwork, people may want to take stock of their financial information and make sure that they are financially prepared for the divorce process and life as a single person.

Assessing finances before filing for divorce may be especially important for a lower-earning spouse. Because a divorce will cost some money upfront, those with less income must consider how they will pay for the divorce before a settlement is reached. People may want to consider working with a divorce-funding business so that they can hire a legal team to help them reach an advantageous overall settlement agreement.

The end of a marriage can bring emotional discord in addition to financial worries. People who are going through the process need to think rationally during this period and not rush to get it over with, because that could result in a less than favorable result. Family law attorneys will often take the lead in negotiations so that a fair settlement can be reached.