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The pros of a timely divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2016 | Child Custody

No matter how much two Virginia parents may not get along, going through with a divorce can still be difficult. Some parents may have been brought up in a household divided by divorce, and they don’t want their children to go through the same thing. Others believe that their religion forbids them from getting divorced or getting remarried in the event that they do get divorced.

What parents may lose sight of is the impact that a prolonged divorce may have on their child’s best interest. Children may become confused as to what is going on with their parents, and it could dominate their thoughts and actions. Instead of doing well in school, playing with friends or just otherwise being kids, they are worried about their parents to their own detriment. In a worst case scenario, children could be upset about getting their hopes up only to see mom and dad get divorced anyway.

Parents should also understand that there are many benefits to a divorce for their children. Instead of hearing mom and dad argue all day, they will get to interact with each parent in a calm and peaceful environment. For both the parent and the child, concluding a divorce proceeding could be a huge relief as there is a finally a clear resolution to the matter.

After a divorce, it is common for the parents to have joint legal custody of their children, enabling them to have a voice in major decisions affecting their offspring. Physical custody is sometimes shared equally as well, but that can be difficult when the estranged parents live far away from each other. A family law attorney will take these and other matters into account when negotiating a parenting plan on behalf of a divorcing parent.