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Getting over the difficulties of divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2016 | Divorce

Many Virginians are doubtless familiar with the financial challenges that can come with a divorce. However, there are many cases where ending a marriage is nevertheless necessary for the well-being of all involved. Though there may indeed be hardships, these can be mitigated through an understanding of the means to avoid them.

Many of the laws that can affect the outcome of a divorce are dependent on the jurisdiction in which it takes place. For example, some states have limited provisions for spousal support. In situations where the couple owns property in multiple states, it’s not always clear which state may have jurisdiction over the matter at all. Such matters can extend the duration of a divorce and increase its associated expenses as well. The jurisdiction of the divorce and location of property can also have important implications for the tax situation of a divorcing couple.

In addition, it’s important for both parties to a divorce to provide an accurate and comprehensive accounting of their respective asset portfolios. Inaccuracies in this regard can lead to immense complications and perhaps even forfeiture of assets that have great sentimental value. Another consideration that divorcing parties must account for is the possibility of emotions getting in the way of sound decision-making. Particularly in situations where one party does not necessarily want to end the marriage, the possibility of reconciliation may lead a person to concede more than they perhaps should.

Divorce can be a difficult matter, and there are many hazards to be aware of. For that reason, it can be advisable for a person who is facing one to have the assistance of a family law attorney throughout the process.