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The benefits of having a divorce lawyer

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2015 | Divorce

Virginia couples who are going through the divorce process may believe that they can settle their cases on their own. However, if one spouse has an attorney, the party who is without legal representation is at a disadvantage. During court proceedings, all parties are held to the same standard, regardless of who represents them. While a judge may show some patience, everyone is expected to know the law when presenting their case.

During the divorce process, it is critical that all paperwork is filled out properly and accurately. If it is not, the other spouse could accuse that individual of hiding information. An attorney can increase the odds that paperwork is filled out properly, which may help resolve the case in less time.

An attorney can provide a divorcing client with an objective look at their case. During a divorce, people may lose sight of the big picture because their emotions are getting in the way. Legal counsel will only be interested in the facts of the case and in helping a client resolve the case in a manner that works best.

Although a divorce is often an emotional event, an attorney may make it easier to resolve in a timely and favorable manner for a client who is going through one. A family law attorney can assist a client in negotiating a comprehensive settlement agreement that covers all applicable divorce legal issues such as property division and spousal support and, in a case where the client is a parent of young children, child custody and visitation. The attorney can also, if appropriate, suggest alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation.