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Divorce checklists can prevent mistakes during the process

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2015 | Divorce

Spouses in Virginia going through a divorce sometimes forget to take care of important tasks or find themselves at a disadvantage during property division negotiations due to mistakes caused by the severe emotional pressure they are under. Putting together a checklist of important matters can sometimes help spouses to avoid these pitfalls and help prepare them for the road ahead.

Spouses who rely on health insurance coverage provided by their wives or husbands may be wise to seek required medical treatment before initiating divorce proceedings. Spouses should also take steps to secure their online information by changing account passwords. Obtaining an alternative mailing address like a post office box may also be a prudent measure to protect sensitive correspondence. Another preventative measure that spouses can take is securing assets of significant emotional value to prevent them being used to apply emotional pressure during negotiations.

An important part of any divorce checklist is a reminder to spouses to gather all relevant financial documents together and obtain copies of their consumer credit reports that can be used to identify all accounts that spouses are responsible for so that they are not overlooked during divorce negotiations. Child custody and visitation are often contentious subjects for divorcing spouses, and a list of important parenting matters should be part of a divorce checklist.

This kind of checklist can help spouses to prepare themselves for the emotional strain of going through a divorce and give them confidence that important issues will be taken care of. Experienced family law attorneys may discuss the pitfalls of being unprepared during an initial divorce consultation, and they could provide some additional tasks for their clients to address based on their particular situations.