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The benefits of prenup agreements

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2015 | Family Law

Virginia residents who are about to get married might not think that a prenuptial agreement is for them, particularly since people often think only the very wealthy need them. However, a prenup can be a good idea for any couple who is about to get married, whether they are already wealthy or not.

Prenuptial agreements can benefit any couple, particularly those where one person might be more financially stable than the other. Although no couple wants to go into a marriage thinking about the possible end of the relationship, about half of all marriages do end in divorce, which means that in many cases, a prenup can save a lot of stress in the future. Prenups can be the reason a long, legal battle for the division of assets is avoided, since they outline the division of assets and stipulate the financial settlement between a couple from the start.

Additionally, prenups can also serve to protect the victim in many situations. For example, some prenups can have a cheating clause, which outlines what the penalty is if the marriage ends due to infidelity. It can also protect the victim in a situation where one spouse surprises the other with the news of a divorce and pushes through for a quick one. A prenup can also protect a wealthier spouse from someone who is only interested in money. Finally, a prenup is a practical decision for modern couples that can show just how smart and forward thinking they are.

If a couple ends up divorcing, a prenuptial agreement can save both spouses stress, time and money. There are some provisions, though, that are unenforceable, such as those dealing with child support. For this and other reasons, it is important that each party to a proposed agreement obtain the assistance of separate legal counsel to review it for validity.