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Jon Gosselin reportedly seeking custody of 1 child

On Behalf of | May 26, 2015 | Child Custody

Virginia fans of reality television shows may be interested to learn that actor and father Jon Gosselin is seeking custody of just one of his sextuplets, his 11-year-old daughter, Hannah. Reportedly, his daughter has indicated that her mom, Kate, is forcing her to participate in more episodes of “Kate plus 8” against her wishes.

Reportedly, Mr. Gosselin’s allegations against his ex-wife also include an assertion that she has treated Hannah with cruelty. Kate Gosselin was awarded custody of the sextuplets as well as the couple’s two older daughters in 2009. Experts indicate that while it is possible for Jon to be awarded a custody change, it is unlikely.

Generally, in child custody cases, order modifications are only issued if there has been a significant change in circumstances. Since the children have been filmed for years, the fact that one child no longer wants to participate probably will not rise to the level required. Although children may express their wishes regarding which parent they want to live with, courts normally only take those wishes into account when the child is older. Allegations of cruelty would be Mr. Gosselin’s burden to prove to the court’s satisfaction. If the court found that forced continued filming was not in the best interests of one child, it could potentially affect all of the children and their custody.

In child custody cases and modifications, the best interests of the child is considered much more important than the interests of either parent. Courts tend to dislike situations in which siblings will be split apart, as children do better when they remain together. The burden for obtaining a modification is on the parent seeking the change. Those who would like to obtain a modification often find the assistance of a family law attorney beneficial.