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Man sentenced to 24 years for kidnapping estranged wife

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2014 | Domestic Violence

A Virginia man who was accused of kidnapping and assaulting his wife was sentenced on July 17 after being found guilty on a large number of charges, including kidnapping, possessing a firearm and interstate domestic violence. According to the report, he was sentenced to more than 24 years in prison, 15 years of supervised probation once he is released from custody, treatment for a mental disorder and registration as a sex offender.

The 48-year-old man was accused of kidnapping his estranged wife in August 2012. She stated that he took her to West Virginia where she was able to escape at some point and contact authorities. When she spoke in court, she stated that she had suffered abuse at his hands for 26 years. The judge who was in charge of the case stated that the pattern of violence was considered when the man’s sentence was being determined.

Those who experience a violent domestic situation are not always able to find justice through the court system. This may be because some are unable to seek legal advice or may not feel comfortable working with the authorities. However, an attorney might help those who have suffered through domestic violence and wish to seek legal protection.

In many cases, attorneys can help their clients file for protective orders. A protective order can help keep a person safe by legally limiting the amount of contact that the subject of the protective order can have. If someone is the subject of a protective order, an attorney could advise the subject of the rights that he or she has and can help fight the order if there is evidence that no harm was actually done.

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