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Halle Berry will pay child support to ex-boyfriend

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2014 | Family Law

The end of a marriage or a romantic partnership is by nature a difficult time, even before one considers issues like property division, child custody, and other legal concerns.

Child support is one of the important matters to settle promptly, in order to ensure the best interests of and the care for the children involved. Whether in cases of divorce, or in splits of unmarried couples, family law courts tend to focus on holding both parents responsible for the financial support of children. Child support payments are usually made by the parent with lesser involvement to the one who has primary custody.

Recently, a child support dispute involving the well-known actress Halle Berry was settled, according to a news report. She reportedly agreed to pay $16,000 each month to her ex-boyfriend for the support of their 6-year-old daughter. She will also pay some retroactive child support. Barry is also expected to cover school tuition, but she will share the costs of the child’s health care with the father.

Berry was further ordered to cover legal expenses for her ex-boyfriend related to a child custody matter, a total of about $300,000. A previous dispute concerning child custody approximately two years ago prevented the actress, whose current husband is French, from relocating her daughter to Europe.

Family law matters involving children can become quite contentious, whether those involved are ordinary Virginia residents or well-known movie stars. If you are currently experiencing such a hardship, it may be advisable to seek professional legal guidance as soon as possible.

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