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Sterling’s wife plans to file for divorce, seeks share of team

On Behalf of | May 17, 2014 | Divorce

If Virginia residents watch television or read the news, then they have probably heard about the controversy surrounding the Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling.

Recently, the commissioner of the NBA banned Sterling from the league for life and issued a $2.5 million fine after a recording of his racially-charged comments went public. Sterling’s wife has an ownership interest in the team and is reportedly concerned about how her husband’s remarks will affect her share in the NBA team. 

She has been with the team for over 33 years and does not wish to give up what she believes to be her ownership stake in the team.  Recently, Shelly Sterling told Barbara Walters during an exclusive interview that she will file for divorce from the banned team owner. 

According to a news article, she has waited several years to file for a divorce from her husband, but stalled due to financial reasons. 

While other celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Magic Johnson have expressed interest in buying the team, Shelly Sterling hopes that she can maintain her stake in the team because she played no part in her husband’s actions.

A spokesman for the NBA stated that the NBA’s constitutional rules would make it impossible for her to retain her stake in the team should the NBA decide to make Donald Sterling sell his half of the team. 

Shelly Sterling hopes that her husband will consider transferring full ownership of the Clippers into her name. While the NBA has given its interpretation of the situation, Shelly Sterling’s lawyer recognized that she faces a rare set of circumstances in which state and national laws might trump those of the NBA’s constitutional analysis. 

When going through or contemplating a divorce, everyone experiences a unique set of concerns and complications, including Shelly Sterling. Even though your marital settlement likely will not include a division of a professional sports team, the assets that you do have are important to you and your spouse.

The process can often be exhausting and emotional, but a consultation with a divorce attorney can help you to better understand your options and rights throughout divorce proceedings.

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