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Do I have a right to visitation or custody of my grandchild?

Per Virginia state law, a third party with “legitimate interest” can pursue custody or visitation rights of a child. A grandparent falls into this category. If the court deems that such visitation or custody rights are in the best interests of the child, then they may grant these rights. This process can be complex, however, an experienced family law attorney can offer valuable assistance.

What if my grandchild’s parent objects to my visitation?

In a situation where one parent objects to the presence of a grandparent in their child’s life, the court will explore whether or not said presence would be in the best interests of the child. If both parents object, however, gaining visitation rights can become a more difficult endeavor.

Can I obtain custody of my grandchild?

If a child’s parent passes away or is unable to provide adequate care, then a grandparent may be able to obtain physical custody. This can be a helpful legal pathway when a child’s parent is neglectful or a highly dysfunctional family dynamic exists.

What if my grandchild was put up for adoption?

The termination of a child’s parental rights often nullifies a grandparent’s chances of obtaining visitation and/or custody. Exceptions do, however, exist, and consulting with a family law attorney can provide helpful insight.

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