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April 2015 Archives

Researchers say joint custody is best for children

Children of divorced parents in Virginia may experience less stress if their parents decide to co-parent, according to a new study. Researchers from the Centre for Health Equity Studies in Sweden found that children who go back and forth between two parents' homes had fewer psychosomatic health problems than children who lived with only one parent.

Tax debt during marriage may be a problem in divorce

Virginia residents contemplating divorce may be interested in the way taxes are affected by divorce. Both spouses are responsible for paying taxes owed during a marriage. Making sure returns are filed correctly and that the couple's tax bill is paid is an important step toward moving on after the marriage has ended.

Virginia bankruptcy and private student loans

Although it is true that many private student loans cannot be discharged through bankruptcy, Virginia residents may be unaware of exceptions allowing the discharge of such loans either in full or in part under some circumstances. Additionally, some private student loans may simply be beyond the applicable statute of limitations for debt collection, rendering them out of the reach of collection agencies through lawsuits or wage garnishment actions.

Divorced couples need to change beneficiaries

Although many ex-spouses in Virginia may think they have taken care of all important matters in a divorce, they should also change their beneficiaries after their divorces, unless they wish for their ex-spouses to receive their life insurance money. They must wait until the divorce is completely finalized because they cannot go through the process of changing their life insurance policies while they are going through divorce proceedings. If they fail to change their beneficiaries, their benefits could automatically go to their ex-spouses, even if they leave everything to other people, such as their children or new spouses.

The biggest financial mistakes divorcing spouses make

Sometimes estranged couples in Virginia do not realize the real financial impact of their divorce settlement until they have lived with those decisions. Whether or not they feel like their settlements are turning in their favor, they might be making one or more of the biggest mistakes that are common in divorces.

Collecting Social Security benefits as a divorcee

Age, children and the length of marriage affect whether Virginia divorcees are able to collect Social Security benefits from their ex-spouses. While each marital situation is unique, there may be a possibility for stay-at-home parental former spouses, working ex-spouses, singles and newly married ex-spouses to still have the right to benefits from a former significant other.

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