Richmond DUI Attorneys

DUI is a serious charge with serious consequences and far-reaching effects. Beyond jail and fines, insurance premiums can increase dramatically for years to come. An extended period without driving privileges can keep you from being able to get to work and maintain employment. Ignition interlock devices can fail to operate properly.

Protecting yourself against these consequences calls for skilled and experienced criminal defense. There are many ways to successfully fight DUI charges. We have the extensive experience to help you protect your rights and avoid years of difficult consequences.

DUI For Commercial Drivers

Those with commercial driver's licenses (CDLs) are at risk of losing their ability to earn income if they are convicted of DUI, especially if the drunk driving occurred while on the job where the legal limit is .04 blood alcohol content (BAC) as opposed to .08. For truckers and other commercial drivers, it is imperative that you secure the strongest available defense.

Representing Values

At Bowen Ten Cardani, PC, our firm has more than 75 years of combined experience fighting to help people secure the best resolutions to complex and difficult situations. DUI charges are one of the most serious charges that the average person faces. We know how overwhelming it can be for the average person to face criminal charges. We work to help you understand what is going on while we work to protect your rights.

Our firm has a network of resources to help our clients. It is often advantageous to begin assessing any alcohol issues prior to appearing before the court. We can help you take the steps you need to help create the strongest case.

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