Richmond Protective Order Attorneys

Protective orders are powerful tools that are designed to help those in need. Domestic situations can become threatening and an order for protection can help people take action to ensure their safety. Because protective orders have certain requirements, it is wise to secure experienced representation to help make sure you meet all of the legal requirements.

Are You The Subject Of A Protective Order?

Those who are the subject of protective orders have rights as well. Our firm offers skilled representation to those opposing a protective order. Many people who are the subject of a protective order fail to realize the full impact one of these orders can have on their lives such as:

  • Second Amendment rights — Many people in our area are hunters and others who enjoy exercising their Second Amendment rights. Under federal law, you cannot possess a firearm if you are the subject of a protective order.
  • Security clearances — Many people in our area depend on their security clearance as an essential to their maintaining employment. A protective order can negatively impact your security clearance.
  • Family law matters — A protective order can impact issues such as child custody determinations, divorce and other family law matters.

Representing Values

At Bowen Ten Cardani, PC, we understand the urgency that surrounds protective orders. For those seeking one and those who need to oppose a protective order, the need for skilled representation is one that calls for skilled and experienced representation that can take action as soon as possible. Our attorneys bring a depth of knowledge that can allow us to offer highly effective assistance to those on either side of a protective order. Let us put your rights and needs first.

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When you are defending against or seeking a protective order, it is important that you have representation you can trust. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our Richmond protective order attorneys, call 804-767-6850, toll free at 866-601-7371 or contact us online.