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Everyone has ideas of what property and assets matter most to them when divorce is becoming a part of the discussion. The division of property that occurs during a divorce can become a very challenging process depending on people's goals, perspectives and the nature of the property and assets that need to be divided.

Because the division of property can so easily become a contentious issue that requires a costly battle to resolve, our firm focuses on creating resolutions that provide our clients with real value. We work to preserve the value of the assets rather than expend that value on the conflict. Our experience in litigation and settlement negotiation helps us achieve that goal for our clients.

We work to get to know each of our clients, the details of their situation and their goals. Our extensive experience includes assisting those with all levels of wealth. Our commitment is to provide a good value for our clients.

Representing Values

At Bowen Ten Cardani, PC, we know how important it is for people to leave a marriage with their fair share of the marital estate. Our skill in properly characterizing the nature of assets as either marital or nonmarital along with our more than 75 years of combined experience allows us to help our clients achieve their property division goals. We are dedicated to making sure that people have the sound financial footing necessary to build the next chapter of their life after divorce. Having highly effective representation during the division of property can help achieve that financial stability.

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