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Facing divorce can be a crisis. Few events will have such a marked impact on a person's life. While you are facing the stress and confusion created by a divorce, it is can be very helpful to find a safe place where your issues and concerns are understood and there is help available. We pride ourselves on being there for our clients when divorce is overwhelming their lives.

We offer exceptional levels of personal service in addition to superior litigation skills that can help ensure that your rights are respected throughout the process. We are creative litigators who know how to build cases and secure positive results for our clients no matter how complex the circumstances.

A divorce is comprised of the resolution of a number of issues, including:

Representing Values

At Bowen Ten Cardani, PC, our attorneys are committed to helping our clients intelligently face the difficulties of divorce. Our more than 75 years of combined experience allows us to offer our clients an unparalleled depth of knowledge and skill that can help them clearly identify how they want their divorce to proceed while helping make those goals a reality. We offer tailored representation that keeps your needs always at the forefront of the case. Even if you are only just beginning to consider getting a divorce, come talk to us and let us help you begin understanding what will need to be done.

High Net Worth Divorce

For those with substantial assets who are considering divorce, the need for counsel with the necessary skill set cannot be overstated. Issues of business valuation and the intricacies of complex property division questions can easily overwhelm a family law attorney who lacks that background. Our firm's experience gives our high net worth clients a decided advantage.

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When you are facing the challenges of divorce, it is important that you have representation you can trust. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our Richmond family law and divorce attorneys, call 804-767-6850, toll free at 866-601-7371 or contact us online.